Care for your Vinci Ring

The Vinci Ring is an exposed system, which displays the attractive, performance bearings within. This means sometimes debris can get inside. But it is also very easy to clean. If it happens to get gummed up, just thoroughly spin it under warm running water with some dish soap. Once it dries, it'll spin great again.

The bearings spin best without any additional lubrication, so you don't need to get out the WD-40! 

And remember, the more you use it, the better it spins. After weeks of disuse, it may not spin as well as you remember but after a bit of play, it'll be back in business.

The action also changes depending on air pressure, humidity, temperature - as these factors contribute to the expansion and contraction of the materials and their friction. You get used to these changes and the behaviour of your ring the longer you carry it around. You begin to really appreciate and understand your Vinci Ring's personality.